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Welcome to Phoenix Pro Movers. We Specialize in Full House Moves & Luxury Homes. Optional Packing / Crating Services. Local Moving, Nationwide Moving, Commercial Moving. Get a Free Quote Today.

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Moving to Phoenix,AZ

Phoenix, AZ, Facts

Phoenix is a hub for the southwest. It is one of the largest cities in the region, with a population of about 1.7 million as of 2019. The city is famous for its sunshine and pleasant climate. The average year-round temperature ranges from 65 to 86 degrees, with much higher temperatures in the summer. July is the hottest time of year when the average temperature reaches 105 degrees and sometimes even hotter. For people outside of the southwest, that sounds pretty high--and it is!--but it is a dry heat and during these days or weeks of high heat, residents turn to air conditioning or taking their summer vacations in the northern states.

The rest of the year the sunny skies, amazing terrain, and warm weather attract everyone from young families to retirees to Phoenix.

There's Plenty To Do In Phoenix

It has an international airport for business travelers and vacationers. City-lovers will enjoy all that Phoenix has to offer in terms of restaurants, theater, and museums. Phoenix is known for its Musical Instrument Museum and the Heard Museum. It is also home to the Phoenix Symphony and the Orpheum Theater. While it has plenty to offer in terms of city living, Phoenix also offers easy access to the outdoors. For those looking for a pleasant stroll through a desert landscape, there's the Desert Botanical Garden. More hard-core hikers can challenge themselves at any one of the nearby peaks such as Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak, and South Mountain Park. Of course, sightseers and hikers alike can make a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Phoenix Local Moving

Are you planning a move within the greater Phoenix area? Reach out to Phoenix Pro Movers to take care of all your local moving needs. Moving within a city is still moving, and moving is always a lot of work. Phoenix Pro Movers has the experience and professionalism to make your move easy on you. We always use our own trained, professional movers. While some moving companies hire workers by the day or off of CraigsList, Phoenix Pro Movers sticks with our own team. That way we can guarantee consistent service throughout the move. Our movers will carefully pack and load everything in your house, gently load it onto the truck, and deliver everything to your new home across town. No matter where you are moving in the greater Phoenix area, Phoenix Pro Movers will provide you with a top level moving experience not seen at many moving companies. Our goal is five star service on every move.

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Phoenix Long-Distance Moving

If you are making a long-distance move to Phoenix, Phoenix Pro Movers is here for you. Our team is experienced in both local and long-distance moves. We work hard to provide you with a stress-free move to Arizona. One of the biggest challenges with a long-distance move is the timing. Clearly, the transit time increases with the distance of the move. While we can't change the distance traveled, we do everything we can to get your belongings to you as quickly as possible. One way we do this is that we never combine multiple households into one truck. Many moving companies save themselves money by putting more than one household onto a truck for long-distance moves. This practice increases the transit time because the truck must stop at multiple homes along the way. It also increases the risk of mixed up or lost belongings. At Phoenix Pro Movers, we dedicate one truck to each household (sometimes 2 - 3 trucks or more depending on the size of the move), allowing us to deliver your things as quickly as possible, without the risk of lost or mixed-up belongings (which can happen with the national van lines and all their warehouse transfers).

Phoenix Out-of-State Moving

Are you moving to Phoenix from out of state? Phoenix Pro Movers does not just service local moves. Our team moves people from out of town and out of state to the Phoenix area all the time. We provide consistent service no matter where your journey begins. We use our own team throughout the move, including packing up, moving out, driving, and moving in. By using our own team every step of the way, we know that we provide the same level of service throughout the move. We also dedicate one truck to each household, never combining more than one house into one truck, to ensure a quick and mixup-free delivery.

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Phoenix Packing & Moving

When it comes to packing up your house, it really doesn't matter how far you are moving: the work is the same. Our movers take care to carefully pack your household items for safe transit. We use appropriate tools and materials to pack your belongings. For fragile items such as crystal stemware, china, and electronics, we use packaging such as bubble wrap or specialized boxes. We take every precaution when loading the truck to avoid damage to your boxes and furniture. We take the same care when securing everything on the truck. Our goal is to delivery your belongings on time and intact. If you are moving to Phoenix, AZ, whether local or long-distance, Phoenix Pro Movers can accommodate all your moving needs. Our team of trained, professional movers will take care of every detail so you can sit back and enjoy the Phoenix sun.

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